Sun Rise in the East – Penang

I have been away from updating this site mainly due to work, but I was privileged enough to get some time off to travel to Penang with my partner, and to Bali. It was an amazing trip with the food and sights. Honestly, it is mostly the food.

We also took the opportunity to take in the sights around Georgetown and Penang. One of the most popular places around is Gurney Drive, which hugs the coast with numerous tourist attractions from the mall to the famous road side hawkers. Gurney Drive was named after  ‘Sir Henry Gurney’ who was the High Commissioner of Malaya in 1950 to 1951.

I was told that Gurney Drive is 1.2 miles (1.9km) in length, but I was unable to find data to back it up. Go early in the morning and you will find health conscious people walking the length of the esplanade, and at night, you will find couples to party goers.

Gurney Drive, Penang
Fishing boats anchored at the East end of Gurney Drive at dawn. Gurney Drive is a seafront promenade in Georgetown, Penang.
Gurney Drive
Father and Son - best buddies. Cheesy pose though :)

This desirable stretch of land have many unique mansions that has lasted the test of time and would dwarf those off Beverly Hills, but at the same time, development has managed to catch up with high rise concrete buildings and malls.

Pergola at Gurney Drive
Granite Pergola in one of the mansions that face the sea. Notice the Angsana tree behind the Pergola.


Gurney Hotel
One of the numerous high rise hotels that dot Gurney Drive.


Dawn at Gurney Drive
Sun Rise in the East. Taken at Gurney Drive, Penang.

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