Seattle Public Library, well worth the visit when in Seattle

I was a tourist for the day in Seattle and I stumbled upon the Seattle Public Library. I was definitely impressed!!

It it located downtown, about 7 short blocks from Pike’s Place Market and I would suggest taking a walk to check it out if you have some time. If you are wondering, what’s so special about a library in a city as it’s just another building?

The architecture is amazing, and you can spend time admiring it from the outside and the inside. It utilizes clean and modern design coupled with glass walls and ceiling to make the library feel spacious. After all, the library does not have a big footprint downtown . The exterior wall of the library is all glass and that allows natural light to penetrate the interior of the building.

When you are inside, definitely take the elevator to the 10th floor observatory for a view from the top down the atrium. Utility wise, there are a lot of space to sit, read, charge your phone, or just stare out of the glass building. There are abundant of books and I even made some time to checkout the kids section – and I was Wowed by the selection and highly knowledgeable staff.

Designed by Koolhaas, this library is such a great place to check out when in downtown Seattle plus it’s free! You’ll get tons of cool photos here.

Address of
Seattle Public Library (SPL)
1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104


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