#MicrosoftLife, pretty slick video and other contributions to society

Privileged to be part of an organization that gives so much to us (employees) and also society. Checkout the video.

If you did not know, here are small tidbits of what the company does – but does not actively promote it 🙂

  • $142M in employee donations last year (Yes, it’s not a typo – $142M)
    The company matches employee’s donations, dollar for dollar!
  • Volunteering hours matching
    Employees volunteering at NGOs, Microsoft will donate $xx per hour to the organization.
  • Healthcare and showers
    Our healthcare is pretty good, but what’s amazing is the showers in almost every building.
    I used to work for a company in Texas and the company almost had a riot when they took the shower facility was retired, and it’s great to have small perks like that at Microsoft.

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