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Microsoft enters software AntiVirus market with Microsoft Security Essential

I was in Seattle recently and I met up with some of my friends from college, most of them worked for Microsoft. Wait, I think it was everybody who worked for Microsoft and there were people from the server group, guys who were working on the long awaited Windows 7 to some guys working on the infrastructure of their internal applications. One thing I heard from them were “Microsoft and the new anti virus” and everybody was given a beta copy.

Recently, Microsoft entered into the highly lucritive anti virus industry. In 2006, the industry was estimated at $4 billion and growing at 13.6% from the year before and that industry continues to grow as computers become more affordable.The new software released on Sept 29, 2009 is called Microsoft Security Essential and the it is a free download.

Yes, FREE. The Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Reviews so far looks positive as it is simple to use, quiet and efficient. It is compatible with WIndows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and you must have a genuine Windows to run the program. One cannot run Security Essential with other anti virus applications.

The Security Essentials public beta also took fourth place in a recent roundup of free antivirus software. In a tests conducted by, the Microsoft Security Essentials beta detected 97.8 percent of malware.For a free application, I give it two thumbs up!Link to download Microsoft Security Essential

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10 Myths / Facts about Boeing Factory Tour (Everett, WA)

I was privileged to go on the Boeing Factory Tour in Everett, WA and witness the production of 747, 767, 777 and 787 Dreamliner; I even saw a 747 DreamLifter on the runway. Boeing Factory lies about 30 minutes from downtown Seattle and it was very impressive. Before I went on the tour, some of the people I met gave me “facts” about the Boeing factory and I discovered that the information was false after the tour. So maybe you can call your friends out when they boast about the knowing everything 😉

Boeing Factory Tour in Everett, WA 90 minutes tour. There will be a short movie clip about Boeing before the tour. Cost $15 per adult / $8 per child (6-15 yrs old) and there is a min height requirement of 4ft. Go early in Summer as tickets can be sold out early. Wear something comfortable as there will be lots of walking and moving around. Keep your phones, camera, purses, pda, etc in your car or in the coin lockers as they do not permit it.Contact: 1-360-756-0086

Here are 10 myths / facts about the Boeing Factory.

Largest Building on Earth? TRUE.
Guinness World Records list the Boeing Everett factory as the largest building in the world by volume at 472 million cubic feed (13.3 million cubic meters).

Boeing City? True.
The Everett factory is like a small city, requiring its own fire department, security force, fully equipped medical clinic, electrical substations and water treatment plant.

Boeing Factory employees 100,000 people? False.
There are about 30,000 people working at the Everett facility, and they work in three shifts around the clock.

The Boeing Factory is so big it that is rains in the factory? False.
Although the factory is the world”s largest building, it does not rain nor does it create any cloud / rain inside the factory building. However, when the factory was first built, clouds actually formed near the ceiling. The weather cleared when an air-circulation system was installed.

There is no air conditioning (a/c) on the production floor? True.
Due to the weather in Seattle which seldom peak over 90”, the production floor does not have any a/c. The temperature is regulated by two things, the weather outside and the light bulbs. If the factory is too warm, they would open the factory door and run fans to blow air into to the factory. And if it gets too cold, they rely on the light bulbs above the production floor. The factory uses over 1 million light bulbs!

Conventional cranes are used to move planes around during assembly? False.
There are twenty six overhead cranes that run a network of 39-miles of ceiling tracks throughout the factory. These ceiling cranes are used to lift and move airplane components and sections during the production process.

Is there a maze of walk way running below the factory? True.
There are 2.33 miles or 3.7 kilometers of pedestrian tunnels running below the factory. The tunnels are also utilized for operating the utilities and comes in handy during winter when getting around in the cold and snow can be a challenge.

There are 1,000 bicycles in the factory to help employees get around? False.
There are 1,300 bicycles and tricycles in the factory that is used by employees to get around.

The have the largest mural in the world? True.
According to the Guinness World Records, the mural on the six factory doors is the largest digital graphics in the world.

Rail running to the factory? True.
Boeing not only have a rail running to the factory but the rail spur running uphill to the factory from Great Northern Railway”s track is the steepest active standard-gauge railroad in the United States.

****Correction****Per mentioned by one of the visitors, Matt Cawby which runs, he mention that the Great Northern Railway”s is managed by BNSF. Upon doing further research, Matt is correct and my apologies.

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About the Ewe

Ewe, a female sheep9 out of 10 people I met does not know that my last name “EWE” is actually listed in the English dictionary. Yup, I am almost famous. Not the famous type as the “Kennedy” clan but the “Ewe” clan is getting there. Ewe is listed in the English dictionary as a female sheep. No glamour being called a sheep but I will take whatever 5 minutes of fame from that.

As to what I love, I am passionate about internet marketing with areas of focus in PPC marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.. I have been know to work too much and as those who know me personally, I put in 110% when it comes to a program. Some of those that know me mentioned this for the position at “I could tell you put your heart and soul in the job…” and “I actually thought you owned the company and it was your own little project after the vacation company (Wyndham Vacation Resorts position)”.

What do I enjoy most?
I love to travel. Thanks to my career; I have the opportunity to travel to places for company events or on my personal time. Places that I have been to in US are, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Orlando, etc all for company events. As for my personal adventures, I have been to San Diego, Seattle, New Orleans, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Washington D.C., etc

Life is one big rat race
On most occassions, I love to kick back at home and hang out with my girl friend and my cat when I have the time. Don”t own a house yet but I do my part to green the patio. I had green fingers last season but I am not getting any love from my plants this summer. I enjoy things like ridding a bike, going canoeing, hiking, camping, goes for movies/concerts and sometimes, the best things in life are free.

Bucket list
What are some of the things I want to do before I kick the bucket? I think sky diving would be an interesting thing that I would love to take on. Heck, if Bush Senior can do it on his 85th birthday, a young chap like me should be able to do it without peeing in his pants. If disposal income is not an issue, it would be a dream to see the 7 Wonders of the World and get a RV to travel the country. One can learn a lot from exploring different places and cultures.