October 2, 2017


9 out of 10 people I met does not know that my last name “EWE” is actually listed in the English dictionary. Yup, I am almost famous. Not the famous type as the “Kennedy” clan but the “Ewe” clan is getting there. Ewe is listed in the English dictionary as a female sheep. No glamour being called a sheep but I will take whatever 5 minutes of fame from that.

As to what I love, I am passionate about internet marketing with areas of focus in PPC marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.. I have been know to work too much and as those who know me personally, I put in 110% when it comes to a program. Some of those that know me mentioned this for the position at Lostgolfballs.com “I could tell you put your heart and soul in the job…” and “I actually thought you owned the company and it was your own little project after the vacation company (Wyndham Vacation Resorts position)”.

What do I enjoy most?
I love to travel. Thanks to my career; I have the opportunity to travel to places for company events or on my personal time. Places that I have been to in US are, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Orlando, etc all for company events. As for my personal adventures, I have been to San Diego, Seattle, New Orleans, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Washington D.C., etc

Life is one big rat race
On most occassions, I love to kick back at home and hang out with my girl friend and my cat when I have the time. Don”t own a house yet but I do my part to green the patio. I had green fingers last season but I am not getting any love from my plants this summer. I enjoy things like ridding a bike, going canoeing, hiking, camping, goes for movies/concerts and sometimes, the best things in life are free.

Bucket list
What are some of the things I want to do before I kick the bucket? I think sky diving would be an interesting thing that I would love to take on. Heck, if Bush Senior can do it on his 85th birthday, a young chap like me should be able to do it without peeing in his pants. If disposal income is not an issue, it would be a dream to see the 7 Wonders of the World and get a RV to travel the country. One can learn a lot from exploring different places and cultures.